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Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:03 pm

Hello and welcome to the Black Ribbon Gaming Server Forums!

So here is just a basic overview of the rules we have:

  • The server is PvP but there is NO KoS without good cause!
  • Raiders can only make a small entrance into a building or compound and can only kill dinos that are a direct danger to them!
  • Our system of war! A declaration of war can be created by contacting an admin through the public channels. If a tribe raids you, you can fight back!
  • If a war is agreed by the admins, bases can be completely destroyed and all dinos can be killed! Prepare for war!

A few extra rules to even the playing field

  • Tribes can be up to 8 people - MAX (Any issues, please contact us and we shall try to work something!)
  • If you plan on starting a war, it may be worth putting your tribe details into the forum so we have accurate numbers and details to confirm and support your war declaration!
  • NO building in or around caves/mountain tops unless a dino is stuck and needs the assistance to get out. THESE MUST BE DESTROYED AFTER USE!

Enjoy! Very Happy


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